Apply for a CEFP Amendment

Whether a county proposes to amend their current CEFP to include budget updates, priority rearrangement of projects, or a change to the overall plan, an application for amendment to the current CEFP is required and must be approved by the SBA and the State Board of Education. All projects submitted to the SBA for funding consideration must be included in a county's active CEFP.

​To apply for a CEFP Amendment, download SBA 106 from the SBA Policy and Procedures Handbook (SBA106.pdfSBA106.pdf) and fill out the required information.  

Amendments may be submitted on the premise of updating/adding:

  • Budget amendments for previously approved project(s) within the current CEFP
  • Amendment to an existing or new project
  • Overall Plan Amendment 

An Application for Amendment must also include:

  • Amendment Justification as required in WV Code §18-9-D-15
  • Submission of Revised CEFP Pages - SBA Forms - Put a revision date on the bottom of each sheet you change
  • Amendments may also include, but are not limited to the following revised SBA Forms:
    • SBA 132 Feeder School Summary
    • SBA 134 Facility Evaluation Form
    • SBA 141 Area Space Allocation (Worksheet 2)
    • SBA 142 Summary of Spaces (Worksheet 1)
    • SBA 147 Translating Educational Needs into Facility Needs
    • SBA 148 High School Attendance Area Proposed Building Use and Capital Improvements
    • SBA 152 Abandoned Schools Report
    • SBA 156 Building Program Utilization (Worksheet 3)

Other Information:

  • CEFP Plans and Amendments are subject to SBA Policy and Procedures Legislative Rule 1.
  • CEFP Applications for Amendment can be submitted to the SBA and WVBOE at any time, but must be approved before affected project(s) can be funded by the SBA.
  • Submit Amendments to both Tommy Young at the West Virginia Department of Education ( and Angie Bradley at the SBA (