Policy and Procedures Handbook


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Policy Procedures Handbook 0617.pdfPolicy Procedures Handbook 0617.pdf

Fifth Edition - June 26, 2017




Legislative Rules

PDFLegislative Rules.pdfLegislativeRules.pdf

Rule 1 - SBA Requirements for Comprehensive Educational Facilities Plans

Rule 2 - Funding School Building Authority Projects

Rule 3 - Funding Specific Facility Plans

Rule 4 - Project Administration and Review

Rule 5 - School Building Authority Contracts and Agreements

Rule 6 - School Building Authority Reporting Procedures

Rule 7 - School Access Safety Act Guidelines and Procedures



Appendix A - Student Enrollment RequirementsAppendixA.pdfAppendixA.pdf

Appendix B - School Major Improvement PlanAppendixB.pdfAppendixB.pdf

Appendix C - CEFP Annual UpdateAppendixC.pdfAppendixC.pdf

Appendix D - Emergency FundAppendixD.pdfAppendixD.pdf

Appendix E - Planning GrantsAppendixE.pdfAppendixE.pdf

Appendix F - Needs FundingAppendixF.pdfAppendixF.pdf

Appendix G - Design-Build ProjectsAppendixG.pdfAppendixG.pdf

Appendix H - Sample Grant ContractAppendixH.pdfAppendixH.pdf

Appendix I - Appendix I.pdfAppendix I.pdf

     Architectural, Engineering & Construction Regulations

     Professional Services of the Construction Analyst

     Professional Services of the Construction Manager

     Duties and Responsibilities of the Clerk-of-the-Works

     Educational Specifications

Appendix J 

     Part I - Instructions to BiddersAppendixJ-PartI.pdfAppendixJ-PartI.pdf

     Part II - Supplemental General ConditionsAppendixJ-PartII.pdfAppendixJ-PartII.pdf

Appendix K - School Access Safety PlanAppendixK.pdfAppendixK.pdf


SBA Forms  

SBA 104  Grant Contract Exhibits A-1, A-2, B, CSBA104.pdfSBA104.pdf

SBA 105  Contractor’s Qualification StatementSBA105.pdfSBA105.pdf

SBA 106  CEFP Application for AmendmentSBA106.pdfSBA106.pdf

SBA 113  Construction Observation ReportSBA113.pdfSBA113.pdf

SBA/WVDE 116 Facility Classification FormSBAWVDE116.pdfSBAWVDE116.pdf

SBA 120  Construction Fund Project “Needs” Executive SummarySBA120.pdfSBA120.pdf

SBA 123  List of Proposed Subcontractors Equipment/Material SuppliersSBA123.pdfSBA123.pdf

SBA 124  Contractor Evaluation FormSBA124.pdfSBA124.pdf

SBA 131  Economy of Scale Waiver RequestSBA131.pdfSBA131.pdf

SBA 132  Instructions & HS Attendance Area/Feeder School SummarySBA132.pdfSBA132.pdf

SBA 134  Facility Evaluation Form (General, Site, Facility Spaces, School Improvement Cost Summary)SBA134.pdfSBA134.pdf

SBA 138  Architect/Engineer Evaluation FormSBA138.pdfSBA138.pdf

SBA 139  Certificate of Contract Completion for Multiple Prime ProjectsSBA139.pdfSBA139.pdf

SBA 141  Area Space Allocation (Worksheet #2)SBA141.pdfSBA141.pdf

SBA 142  Summary of Spaces (Worksheet #1)SBA142.pdfSBA142.pdf

SBA 143  Maintenance & Custodial Care Site Visit ReportSBA143.pdfSBA143.pdf

SBA 145 a&b MIP Annual UpdateSBA145.pdfSBA145.pdf

SBA 146  SBA Occupancy ReportSBA146.pdfSBA146.pdf

SBA 147  Translating Educational Needs Into Facility Needs & Building Improvement Cost SummarySBA147.pdfSBA147.pdf

SBA 148  Proposed Building Use and Capital ImprovementsSBA148.pdfSBA148.pdf

SBA 149  Evaluation of Previous Ten Year CEFPSBA149.pdfSBA149.pdf

SBA 150  Evaluation of Completed Project from the Previous Ten Year CEFPSBA150.pdfSBA150.pdf

SBA 152  Abandoned Schools ReportSBA152.pdfSBA152.pdf

SBA 156  Building Program Utilization WorksheetSBA156.pdfSBA156.pdf

SBA 157  Bid Certification FormSBA157.pdfSBA157.pdf

SBA 158  Technology Infrastructure ReviewSBA158.pdfSBA158.pdf

SBA 159  Verification of HVAC TrainingSBA159.pdfSBA159.pdf

SBA 160  School Access Safety Repair & Renovation Schedule (Annual Update)SBA160.pdfSBA160.pdf

SBA 161  School Access Safety AuditSBA161.pdfSBA161.pdf

SBA 162  Executive Summary – CEFP (Annual Update)SBA162.pdfSBA162.pdf

SBA 163  CEFP Progress Report #1SBA163.pdfSBA163.pdf

SBA 164  CEFP Progress Report #2SBA164.pdfSBA164.pdf

SBA 165  Major Improvement Project (MIP) – Executive SummarySBA165.pdfSBA165.pdf

SBA 166  SBA Maximum Gross Building Square Footage AllowanceSBA166.pdfSBA166.pdf

SBA 167  SBA Maximum Class SizesSBA167.pdfSBA167.pdf

SBA 168  SBA Job Sign (Needs Project)SBA168.pdfSBA168.pdf

SBA 169  SBA Job Sign (MIP Project)SBA169.pdfSBA169.pdf

SBA 170  SBA Building PlaqueSBA170.pdfSBA170.pdf

SBA 171  Design Build ServicesSBA171.pdfSBA171.pdf

SBA 172  Design Build – Educational Facilities PlannerSBA172.pdfSBA172.pdf

SBA 173  Design Build – Performance Criteria DeveloperSBA173.pdfSBA173.pdf

SBA 174  Anti-Bullying AuditSBA174.pdfSBA174.pdf

SBA 175  SBA Architectural/Engineering Fee ScheduleSBA175.pdfSBA175.pdf

SBA 176a SBA Project Submission Form: Planning PhaseSBA176a.pdfSBA176a.pdf

SBA 176b SBA Project Submission Form: Schematic Design PhaseSBA176b.pdfSBA176b.pdf

SBA 176c SBA Project Submission Form: Design Development PhaseSBA176c.pdfSBA176c.pdf

SBA 176d SBA Project Submission Form: Bidding Document SubmissionSBA176d.pdfSBA176d.pdf

SBA 177  Affidavit of Debt PaidSBA177.pdfSBA177.pdf

SBA 178  Project Closeout ProceduresSBA178.pdfSBA178.pdf

SBA 179  Annual Energy UsageSBA179.pdfSBA179.pdf

WVDE P-1 Application for Project ApprovalWVDE-P-1.pdfWVDE-P-1.pdf

WVDE BP-13A Certificate of Project CompletionWVDE-BP-13-A.pdfWVDE-BP-13-A.pdf

SBA 180  Certification of Worker Verification (County Certification)SBA180.pdfSBA180.pdf

SBA 181  Prime Contractor’s Certification of Worker Compliance with WV Code and SBA PolicySBA181.pdfSBA181.pdf

SBA 182  Subcontractor’s Certification of Worker Compliance with WV Code and SBA PolicySBA182.pdfSBA182.pdf

SBA 183  SBA Bid ChecklistSBA183.pdfSBA183.pdf

SBA 184  Certification of Receipt of AddendaSBA184.pdfSBA184.pdf

SBA 185  State of West Virginia Purchasing AffidavitSBA185.pdfSBA185.pdf

SBA 186  Monthly Anticipated Adverse Weather DelaysSBA186.pdfSBA186.pdf

SBA 187  School Building Authority Construction (CPM) ScheduleSBA187.pdfSBA187.pdf

SBA 188  Drug Free Workplace AffidavitSBA188.pdfSBA188.pdf

SBA 189 Contract Services Responsibilities MatrixSBA189.pdfSBA189.pdf

SBA 190 Building Information Modeling (BIM) Guidelines and Standards for Architects, Engineers, and ContractorsSBA190.pdfSBA190.pdf

SBA 191 Building Information Modeling (BIM) Execution PlanSBA191.pdfSBA191.pdf

SBA 192 Construction Manager Evaluation FormSBA192.pdfSBA192.pdf

SBA 193 List of Proposed Third-Tier Subcontractors, Equipment/Material Suppliers SBA193.pdfSBA193.pdf