FOIA Policy

SBA Office Sign.JPGAny and all requests for information directed to the School Building Authority under the West Virginia Freedom of Information Act shall immediately be forwarded to Tamela Brewer who will, in turn, coordinate efforts for a timely compliance with all such requests. The School Building Authority reserves the right to assert any permissible exemption to production or inspection of requested material as allowed by law including those pursuant to West Virginia Code §29B-1-3.

In responding to such requests, West Virginia Code §29B-1-3(5) permits this office to charge a reasonable amount for related expenses. This office shall charge the entity requesting materials and copies under said act, the rate of $0.40 per page after ten pages for paper copies. All costs must be paid in full at the time the materials are produced, and cash is not accepted as a form of payment. In the event the anticipated production is in excess of 500 pages, the fee set forth above must be paid in full prior to printing the copies to be produced. 

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