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SBA Office Sign.JPGThe School Building Authority was created in 1989 by the West Virginia Legislature to address the educational planning and school construction needs of the state in an efficient and economical manner.  The Legislature also created a state funding mechanism that would assist local boards of education in the construction and renovation of new and existing facilities.  West Virginia Code 18-9D established legislation that created a governing board made up of citizens, State Board of Education members and members of the construction trades industry to oversee the program and create policies and procedures for the governance of the School Building Authority (SBA) and staff. 
Since its inception, the SBA has partnered with counties to provide over $3,200,000,000 (billion) in funding for construction projects across all 55 counties in West Virginia. 
“The School Building Authority is empowered to facilitate and provide state funds for
the construction and maintenance of school facilities to meet the educational needs
of the people of the state in an efficient and economical manner.”
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The School Building Authority is funded annually by the West Virginia Legislature using a portion of the General State Revenue, Lottery Funds, and Excess Lottery Funds. Construction Funds are created from General Revenue and the annual sale of capital improvement bonds. 

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WV Code §18-9D - The School Building Authority




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