Authority Members

IMG_8453.JPGThe School Building Authority of West Virginia was established in the West Virginia Legislature in 1989. The Authority is empowered to facilitate and provide state funds for the construction and maintenance of school facilities to meet the educational needs of the people of the state in an efficient and economical manner.
The School Building Authority consists of eleven members, including the Governor or designee; the state superintendent of schools, ex officio; three members of the state board of education, elected by the state board; and six citizens of the state, appointed by the Governor, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, who are knowledgeable in matters relevant to the issues addressed by the authority, one of whom is representative of the interests of the construction trades.
Please meet the members of the School Building Authority of West Virginia:

2019 SBA Committtees

​Finance Committee ​Construction Committee ​Personnel Committee ​Awards Committee
T. Bart Willis - Chair​ ​Steve Burton - Chair ​Robert Holroyd - Chair ​Victor Gabriel - Chair
​Dr. Steven Paine
​Robert Holroyd ​Dr. James S. Wilson
​Dr. Steven Paine
​Chris Morris ​Victor Gabriel Sandra Hamilton ​T. Bart Willis
Sandra Hamilton David G. Perry Debra Sullivan ​Dr. James S. Wilson

 *SBA Chair Brian Abraham will participate on each committee and vote in the event of a tie vote among sub-committee members.