Requisition Information

Below are some frequently asked questions with regards to School Building Authority Requisitions: 

How do county grant holders get reimbursed for expenditures? HVS.jpg
The county will submit requisition for payment forms each month to the SBA for payment.  Requisitions are to be submitted by the 5th of each month.  The trustee will then issue payment on the 15th of the requisitioned month.
Can a requisition for payment be submitted by fax?
No, only original documents can be submitted.
Do invoices need to be provided with the requisition?
Yes, invoices must be submitted with each requisition and must support the work being done. In addition, the Schedule of Values must be included with the Contractor's Application for Payment (AIA Document 703).
What constitutes a requisition packet?
The first requirement for a requisition packet is an exhibit B requisition form.  Vendor and contractor invoices must also be included along with AIA document G702.  The G702 is an application and certificate for payment of change orders.
What are some typical reasons for a requisition rejection?
Requisitions are rejected if they are not submitted on time, if there have been math errors made by the county, or if the invoices have been previously paid.  Other reasons for a requisition include lease purchase payments, which are a long-term rental agreement in which the appropriate price is set by the State of West Virginia or, fragments that have multiple funding sources, if the county requests payment.
How do court orders affect a requisition for payment?
If a school or county has court orders/ pending litigation then the SBA will withhold requisition funds until it is resolved.
Will the SBA pay lawsuit fees filed against the County Board of Education?
The SBA will not pay lawsuit fees.
Are time extensions granted on school projects?
Time extensions are not normally granted for SBA grants. However, requests can be submitted to the authority for review and consideration.
What is required for a final project closeout?
The final payment packet required for project closeout will include all forms associated with SBA Form 178-Project Closeout Procedures and a final BP-13-A form of the project. This will include a final inspection by the SBA staff and sign off by all relevant parties as listed on the BP-13-A.


For specific questions regarding SBA Requisitions, please contact Karen Courtney of the SBA Staff at 304-558-2541 or

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