CEFP Annual Update

​Complete and submit the following SBA Forms and submit to the SBA and the State Department of Education by December 1 of each year. 

CEFP Annual Updates are due Monday, December 3, 2018.

Annual Updates are to include the following information:

Download all CEFP Annual Update Forms (484 KB)CEFPUpdate.zipCEFPUpdate.zip

  • County-wide Facilities Classification Report (SBA/WVDE 116)
  • High School Attendance Areas Facilities Chart – for each high school in the county (SBA 132)
  • Feeder School Summary Report – narrative (SBA 132)
  • MIP Annual Update – (1) List of completed or on-going projects (SBA 145a) and (2) Prioritized list of proposed projects (SBA 145b)
  • School Access Safety Repair and Renovation Schedule (SBA 160)
  • Updated CEFP Executive Summary (SBA 162)
  • Provide annual report of utility costs for all new SBA funded schools or SBA funded total HVAC system replacements to the SBA and SDE (SBA 179) 

Additional Information: