Submit a Project for Funding Consideration


Before submitting a project to the SBA for funding consideration, the project planning team must consider the following questions:

1. Is the Proposed Project Feasible?  Get the SBA Staff Involved Early.

Submit a Project Preliminary Submission Form to the SBA so that we can spend time becoming aware of your present situation in an effort to make the greatest impact on you overall facilities plan. This will allow us to provide a thorough and concise evaluation of each project, and will provide both you and the SBA a greater understanding of the project scope and budget constraints prior to involving design consultants in the planning process.


2. ​Is the Project in the Current 10-Year Comprehensive Educational Facilities Plan (CEFP)?

All projects must be listed and prioritized in the current CEFP. If the specific project is not listed, a CEFP Amendment must be approved by the State Department of Education and the SBA prior to SBA funding consideration. If your project is not included within the current CEFP, see instructions on how to Apply for a CEFP Amendment.


3. From what SBA Funding Source should we request a Grant?

Needs Grant Funds: Needs projects are the major capital improvement projects funded through the SBA's General Construction Fund. County Boards of Education submit capital improvement projects to the SBA for funding consideration. Projects are submitted and evaluated pursuant to the SBA's Policy and Procedures Handbook - Appendix F. The process involves: SBA and WVDE approval of county CEFP, SBA staff review including site visits, review and rating by the plan review team, and interviews by the authority with the County Superintendents and Board Presidents. The Authority then completes the process with their deliberation and selection of the projects.

Major Improvement Project (MIP) Funds: An MIP grant is designed to address major improvements in existing facilities that are not fundable through the local maintenance budgets. These projects must be at least $50,000.00 but cannot exceed $1,000,000. Projects are submitted and evaluated pursuant to the SBA's Policy and Procedures Handbook - Appendix B.

Three Percent Grant (3%) Funds: A 3% statewide grant is a grant in which 3% of the total funds distributable are set aside to address projects that are regional or statewide in scope.  Projects are submitted to the SBA and with the cooperation of the State Board of Education are recommended to the Authority for potential funding.

Emergency Grant Funds: Emergency fund grants apply to projects that have been subject to an "Act of God." These include damage from such acts as floods, fires, or high winds. Projects are submitted pursuant to the SBA's Policy and Procedures Handbook - Appendix D.


4. How Do I Submit and When are Projects Due?

If amending the CEFP is necessary to include your project, see CEFP Amendment

For Needs Projects, Use SBA 120 - Needs Executive SummarySBA120.pdfSBA120.pdf

For MIP and 3% Projects, Use SBA 165 - MIP Executive SummarySBA165.pdfSBA165.pdf

For Emergency Grants, follow the procedures in Appendix D

To see when projects are due to the SBA, see Submission Deadlines


Image Above: Mingo Central High School (Photo Courtesy Williamson Shriver Architects)